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What We Stand For

Anyone can work out and get in shape. But since we were established back in 2019, we’ve been serving the Noida area with a new way to exercise. And our clients can’t stop raving about it! Our method of getting you where you want to go is why TheFitnessBar is unique. We find out what’s really important to you and design a customized plan for you. This allows you to get to your ideal fitness level sooner. Our staff will encourage you to strive towards your goals. We have everything you need - knowledge, experience and equipment. Start today.


Get to Know Us



Fitness Leader

With an explicit experience of 10 years in Fitness Industry and certification from the very reputed K11 School of Fitness Sciences, I am absolutely delighted to call myself a Fitness Enthusiast. From working out hard to intricate diet has made me realize what my passion was and still is, and it is giving me so much of pleasure saying that I have turned my passion into my work.
My fitness mantra has always been :

“Invest in your body, it is your biggest asset!”
Invest your time, energy, money and every bit of your motivation!



Fitness Manager

With a strong experience of 15 Years in the fitness industry, Harish has an unparalleled knowledge about the subject. He specializes in body building and weight reduction and strongly believes that a correct technique is essential to gain the best results. He also emphasizes that there needs to be trust between the trainer and the student in order to achieve the best outcomes and adjust the regime based on consistent feedback . Ultimately his mantra is simple,

"No pain, no gain"!!



Fitness Trainer

When you want the best for your body, you always go to the expert. Nitin is exactly the kind of trainer you would look for. With his detailed assessment and close review of the regime, you are sure about getting your money's worth. With over 9 years of solid experience in the fitness industry, Nitin specializes in lean body training, weight training, weight reduction as well as core muscle endurance training. His warm nature and passionate drive to make his clients succeed are exemplary ! He keeps a close connect with his clients to ensure they get the best world class training experience by going out of the way to support them in their journey. This reflects in his ideology as well, as he believes that :

"You have to think it before you can do it , because the mind is what makes it possible !"



Fitness Trainer

With 6 years of robust experience in the fitness industry, Rahul knows whats the right way for every client. He specializes in breathing techniques , weight loss management, movement correction and exercise postures. His motto is :

"If it's hurting... it is working !"



Head Trainer

Dilshad has a very strong experience of 12 years in the fitness industry . He has won various accolades like National athlete men's physique  and others. He is also certified trainer from ACE and Reebok with specialization in weight reduction training, body building training, athlete training and special population training.  He lives by the mantra of :

"You can't be committed to your dream and your comfort zone at the same time"



Fitness Trainer

Amar has a strong experience of 9 years in the industry which he leverages  in his specialty trainings  like weight lifting, body flexibility training, mobility techniques and core muscle endurance training. He encourages everyone to  follow the mantra of :

"Be the best version of Yourself"

About Us: Team Members
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